Probe Card Products

Our Probe Card products are divided into two categories: Vertical solutions in TPEG™ MEMS & ARIANNA™ Technology and Cantilever Technology.

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Vertical TPEG™ MEMS & ARIANNA™ probe cards

The proprietary technology TPEG™ MEMS surpasses the limits of traditional MEMS technologies used to produce the contact probes of Probe Card. Not satisfied with the already excellent results, we have developed additional technology that makes our product performance even more extraordinary: ARIANNA™ MEMS.

Cantilever probe cards

The Probe Card Cantilever Technology, while representing a more mature product of MEMS Probe Card, have been further improved, directing high-current applications or need for opto-electronic architectures in which only a Cantilever technology can be used.

Needles and Needle Customization

Our work is by definition to create complex interfaces, between the wafer with the chip to be tested and the tester which have the ability to send commands to the chip and detecting the operation.

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Ceramic Plates

The Ceramic Plates are integral to the construction of the probe card, as the probes are inserted in ceramic material guides that enable their correct placement and function when they contact the microchips on the wafer.

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Probe Card and Design Solution

The Probe Card has changed in the course of time their nature, becoming in fact electro-mechanical complex systems, which require verification and simulation in the design phase.

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Motherboard and Final Test Board

Technoprobe develops and manufactures full motherboard for PRVX3 and 4 systems used to test probe cards for standard tester platforms or customized versions.

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