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A leading company in the field of semiconductors and microelectronics.


Testing solutions

Technoprobe develops testing solutions for chips, the electronic hearts that bring to life the world of today and build that of tomorrow.

probe card

Probe cards

We specialise in the design, development and production of probe cards for the biggest technology brands.

Intel EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award Winner 2022

Technoprobe Earns Intel’s 2022 EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award

News, Events & Publications

Summer Job

Summer Job 2022

Palazzo Mezzanotte

First day of trading in Technoprobe shares on Euronext Growth Milan market

SWTest Conference

Technoprobe at the SWTest Conference 2022

OEE pubblication

OEE for Test Floor Managers, Engineers and Technicians

Assi dell'assemblaggio

The Aces of Assembly attempt to climb the Stelvio

VLSI 2021

RANKED 1st probe card supplier

Innovation Makers

Innovation Makers

Every project is a challenge to overcome

Whether it is to meet the needs of our customers or to achieve a personal goal, at Technoprobe we always put our all into everything we do.

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