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Technoprobe S.p.A. announces to have finalized the combined transaction with Teradyne Inc. for

  • the acquisition by Technoprobe S.p.A. of the Device Interface Solutions (DIS) business unit from Teradyne, Inc., following obtaining the authorizations US and other Foreign Direct Investment, Taiwan merger control review and other customary closing conditions;
  • the acquisition by Teradyne, Inc., through a 100% subsidiary (Teradyne International Holdings BV), of a 10% stake in Technoprobe S.p.A. through the subscription of newly issued shares of Technoprobe S.p.A. equal to a share of 8% (fully diluted) and the acquisition of shares equal to 2% (post capital increase) from T-Plus SpA following the obtaining of the authorization by Italian Foreign Direct Investment and U.S. merger control (HSR), the fulfilment of DIS acquisition’s conditions precedent, and other customary closing conditions;
  •  a strategic partnership between Teradyne, Inc. and Technoprobe S.p.A. to jointly unlock new advanced testing solutions for their customers, accelerate growth for both companies through roadmap sharing, joint development of technology, and co-marketing activities. 


Stefano Felici, CEO of Technoprobe S.p.A., said: “The transaction finalized today is a step forward in our company development process: we will strengthen our skills in the PCB and high-performance interfaces market by consolidating the full vertical integration of our business.The integration of DIS and Harbor will generate synergies also accelerating the process of entering the final testing market. Additionally, the partnership with Teradyne will allow us to expand product offerings, cross-selling opportunities and to enhance investments in advanced technologies.” 

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