Awards & Recognitions

1233x735-Intel EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award-2024

Intel’s 2024 EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award

Technoprobe is one of only 27 Distinguished Award recipients across Intel’s global supply chain.

Through its dedication to Excellence, Partnership, Inclusion, and Continuous quality improvement, Technoprobe has achieved a level of performance that consistently exceeds Intel’s expectations.


1st Probe Cards Supplier of 2023

For the sixth year in a row, we are the Highest-Rated Test Subsystems Supplier in the TechInsights Customer Satisfaction Survey (formerly VLSIresearch).

Other awards

Industria Felix Award: Logo

Industria Felix Award 2024

783x570-Intel Epic Distinguished Supplier Awards 2023

Intel’s 2023 EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award

Industria Felix Award: Logo

Industria Felix Award 2023


Top supplier at the Allegro MicroSystems Supplier Day 2022


"Best Presentation Tutorial in Nature" SWTest 2022


"Best Data Presentation" SWTest 2021


2021 Highest-Rated Test Connectivity Supplier


Intel’s 2020 Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) Award


TSMC 2020 Excellent Performance Award