Giuseppe Crippa

Our history

Technoprobe was founded in 1996 by the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder:
Giuseppe Crippa

Main milestones

Birth of Technoprobe

Technoprobe was founded in 1993 in the garage and attic of the Crippa’s family home in Merate (LC). It grew quickly and in no time at all made a name for itself as a company that designed and manufactured highly complex probe cards for the fast-growing microelectronics industry.
Technoprobe is officially founded near Milan, Italy in 1996.

Opening of first headquarters in Cernusco Lombardone

Technoprobe purchases its first building in Cernusco Lombardone (LC) and moves in with about 10 employees. The first nucleus of the company headquarters is created which gradually expands over the following years.

Delivery of the first Vertical Probe Head

Technoprobe produces its first Vertical Probe Head (PH), COBRA needle technology, with 960 needles and a minimum pitch of 240 µm.

Technoprobe France

Technoprobe’s first expansion outside of Italy is Technoprobe France based in Rousset (Provence, South of France).

Technoprobe Singapore

As the Asia-Pacific area becomes increasingly strategic for the microelectronics industry, Technoprobe seizes the opportunity to establish a new production facility and service centre in Singapore. Technoprobe Singapore is Technoprobe’s second largest factory, employing 120 people at the end of 2019.

First probe card with VERTICAL MEMS technology ever sold on the market

In 2007, Technoprobe receives the “Most Innovative Technology” award at the Semiconductor Wafer Test Conference (SWTest) in San Diego (CA) for presenting a revolutionary manufacturing approach for the construction of probe heads, based on MEMS needles assembled in a vertical configuration.

Technoprobe America

Expansion into the United States, a primary market for technological research and development, marks a significant turning point in Technoprobe’s history. Technoprobe America is founded in San José, California, to serve the largest semiconductor industry based in the Silicon Valley.

Technoprobe Philippines

Technoprobe starts its activities in the Philippines with an initial staff of 15 people which becomes more than 200 in the following years.

Beginning of Technoprobe Italy's expansion

Faced with growing market demand, Technoprobe starts the construction of a new factory which is completed in 2013. This new building adds more than 4,000 square metres to the production facility and office areas.


The search for new innovative solutions for the production of probe heads results in TPEG™ MEMS, Technoprobe’s proprietary product that will become the new industry standard for ultra-small probing wafers.

One of the world's top

Technoprobe becomes one of the world’s top Probe Card manufacturers.

Technoprobe Korea

Technoprobe Korea is born: in addition to the production facility, the new location also provides technical support to Korean customers.

New factory for Technoprobe Italy

A new factory is built in Cernusco Lombardone. It stands next to the current building and adds 7,000 sqm to the production and office areas.

World's third largest manufacturer of probe cards

Technoprobe becomes the world’s third largest manufacturer of probe cards.

Technoprobe Japan

Technoprobe Japan is founded with a design and service center to serve the Japanese market.

Technoprobe acquires Microfabrica

Technoprobe acquires Microfabrica Inc., a leader in high-volume, micro-scale, additive manufacturing. Technoprobe plans to further invest in Microfabrica to help the company expand its capabilities and capture a large global market.

New Technoprobe repair centre in Taiwan

To further enhance its presence in Asia and the Pacific, Technoprobe opens a repair and assistance centre for Taiwanese customers.

Technoprobe China

Opening of the Chinese factory to provide support to the world’s largest market.

World's second largest manufacturer of probe cards

Technoprobe becomes the world’s second largest manufacturer of probe cards

TPI Agrate

A new 3500-sqm plant opens in Agrate Brianza to act as a research and development centre for Microfabrica technologies.

Awarded THE BEST Probe Card supplier in the world for 4 consecutive years

For the 4th consecutive year Technoprobe is awarded by its customers as the probe card supplier with the highest score in the VLSI Research Inc Customer Satisfaction Survey.

TPI 5 and the Technoprobe Covid-19 vaccination hub

A new large building is built in Cernusco Lombardone, TPI5.
Due to the pandemic emergency situation, Technoprobe decides to temporarily convert the space into a hub for mass vaccination against Covid-19 in collaboration with ASST Lecco. It is the first company in Italy to open a vaccination hub for everyone inside its premises.
A space of 4300 square metres in which 160,000 doses of vaccine are administered to the local population over the course of six months.

Listing on the Euronext Growth Milan Market

February 15, 2022, marks the first day of trading for Technoprobe shares on the Euronext Growth Milan market, a multilateral trading system organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A., dedicated to dynamic and competitive SMEs with high growth potential.

Opening of Technoprobe Catania

Technoprobe inaugurates its fourth Italian headquarters – the first one outside Lombardy – in the “Etna Valley” of Catania. This is a new 500 sqm Design Center aimed at enhancing the activities of the teams that design the company’s technological solutions.

World's First Probe Card supplier

In 2022, Technoprobe becomes the world’s first manufacturer of probe cards.

Source of information: TechInsights Report 2023.

Transition to the Euronext Milan Market

On May 2, 2023, Technoprobe finalizes the transition to the Euronext Milan market, with the aim of increasing visibility in the financial markets and providing the necessary support for the Group’s expansion.

Technoprobe acquires Harbor Electronics

On August 8th, 2023, Technoprobe finalized the acquisition of Harbor Electronics Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced printed circuit boards for testing systems for major semiconductor manufacturers.

Opening of Technoprobe Vimercate

On September 5th, 2023, Technoprobe inaugurates its fifth Italian headquarters in Vimercate, near Monza. The headquarters accommodates 135 people and includes a conference-training room for approximately 90 seats and 5 meeting rooms.

Technoprobe acquires MW Plasma

On December 18th, 2023, Technoprobe acquired 80% of the share capital of MW Plasma Inc., which designs and manufactures microwave systems for chemical vapour deposition. Through such systems, it is possible to produce components in precious materials, mainly gems, starting from a mixture of hydrocarbon gases.

Technoprobe acquires DIS Tech

On May 27th, 2024 Technoprobe S.p.A. finalizes the combined transaction with Teradyne, Inc. for the acquisition of the Device Interface Solutions (DIS) business unit.

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