Ingresso Technoprobe

A piece of Silicon Valley just outside Milan

Technoprobe is a technological hub for research and innovation in the world of semiconductors.


We have two cornerstones:
customer satisfaction and our “ability to do” which is represented by our expertise and proprietary technologies.

Innovation Makers

A world of expertise

With 2,300 employees worldwide and three research centres, Technoprobe is a large company devoted to innovation and the constant growth of its technological expertise.

percentage of personnel
Innovation Makers

Testing solutions

Technoprobe develops testing solutions for chips, the electronic hearts that bring to life the world of today and build that of tomorrow.

probe card

Probe cards

We specialise in the design, development and production of probe cards for the biggest technology brands.

TechInsights Award

TechInsights Award

Voted for 5 consecutive years as THE BEST probe card supplier in the world.

Awards & Recognitions


Top supplier at the Allegro MicroSystems Supplier Day 2022

Intel EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award Winner 2022

Intel’s 2022 EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award


"Best Presentation, Tutorial in Nature" SWTest 2022


“Best Data Presentation” SWTest 2021


2021 Highest-Rated Test Connectivity Supplier


Intel’s 2020 Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) Award


TSMC 2020 Excellent Performance Award

14 locations worldwide


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