Technoprobe’s commitment to environmental, social and corporate governance issues (ESG).

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Sustainability Report 2022

2023 Consolidated Non-Financial Statement

The document analyzes and quantifies the extent of the impacts of Technoprobe’s activities and its sustainability performance in relation to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects during the year 2023.

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Letter to Stakeholders

Our Sustainability Strategy

Technoprobe’s Sustainability Plan is based on four pillars, wherein initiatives have been identified to help achieve the strategic objectives.

The strategic objectives were further broken down into a number of operational objectives, laying the foundation for defining the actions of the Plan.

Following the latest version of the GRI standards published in 2021, a new methodological approach to materiality analysis was required.

This approach places more emphasis on the concept of impact, understood as the effects an organisation may have or could potentially have on the economy, the environment and people (see GRI), including human rights, resulting from its activities or business relations.

The material topics in order of priority are presented below, derived from benchmarking activities and interviews with Technoprobe’s contacts, relevant to each topic area. Furthermore, the positive and negative impacts associated with each material topic are provided.

Material Topics and Impacts

Carbon Disclosure Project

Since 2019, Technoprobe has been annually completing the CDP “Climate Change” questionnaire.
In 2022, it achieved a score of C, while the industry’s average performance was at B-.
Additionally, in 2022, for the first time, Technoprobe responded to the CDP “Water Security” questionnaire, also obtaining a score of C (where the industry average was B-).

Indeed, Technoprobe has embarked on an analysis and assessment process of its impacts for several years, aiming to identify potential areas for improvement to focus its efforts and investments toward a progressive mitigation of climate and water resource impacts.

In 2023, the company responded once again to both questionnaires, reinforcing its commitment to clear and transparent communication with all stakeholders.

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