Technoprobe’s commitment to environmental, social and corporate governance issues.

orto sociale
Sustainability Report 2021

Our first Sustainability Report is available.
A document that analyzes and quantifies the extent of the impact of Technoprobe Italia’s activity on communities, the environment and the economy of the territory.
The 2021 Report starts the process of analysis and knowledge of our footprint in terms of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), consolidates the actions taken and indicates the direction for continuous improvement. In addition to making our actions more efficient, the Sustainability Report allows us to communicate to everyone the strategies of Technoprobe Italia aimed at achieving a positive impact on society and the territory.

Environmental impact



We have launched projects to offset CO2 emissions, through an urban reforestation activity that has so far involved the planting of more than 200 native tree species in the municipality of Cernusco Lombardone (LC).

Carbon Disclosure Project

Carbon Disclosure Project

In 2019, we joined the Carbon Disclosure Project, preparing a calculation and a report on the production of CO2 equivalent deriving from the company processes and on the measures put in place for progressively reducing greenhouse gas emissions produced by company activities.

Ottimizzazione energetica

Energy optimisation

All the company’s factories have been recently built; the design took into account the implementation of the most modern energy efficiency technologies.
A study is currently underway to optimise the energy performance of our factories.

no plastica

Plastic consumption

We have achieved a significant reduction in the production of urban plastic waste through campaigns aimed at encouraging company employees to reduce plastic consumption.

orto sociale

Social garden

Technoprobe’s “Community garden” is a 70,000 sqm sustainable ecosystem consisting of a 4100 sqm vegetable garden, a wood and a shop.

The social garden provides work for people with disabilities or who are medically fragile.

Social responsibility

orto sociale

Social garden

70,000 square meters of community garden with 4,100 square meters of social garden.

Hub vaccinale anti Covid-19

Covid-19 vaccination hub

A space inside the company has been converted into a Covid-19 mass vaccination hub for the Region of Lombardy.


Flu vaccination

For the past three years, the company has been promoting the health of its employees by offering free in-house seasonal flu vaccinations.


Welfare, legal assistance and bonuses

Welfare plans are offered to all Technoprobe employees, as well as free legal assistance for any personal matter, free tax advice and a birth bonus for every child born.


Transport and shared mobility

Technoprobe offers its employees public transport passes to get to work.
Shared mobility projects are proposed to discourage the use of cars.


Support for school education

The company supports and accompanies the creation of new specialised study courses in local schools.

Summer Job

Summer Job

The company offers paid seasonal work to local young students.

hub vaccinale Technoprobe

Technoprobe Vaccination Hub

In 2021, due to the pandemic emergency situation, Technoprobe decided to temporarily convert a new company production space into a hub for mass vaccination against Covid-19 in collaboration with ASST Lecco and ATS Brianza.
It is the first company in Italy to open a vaccination hub for the entire population inside its premises.
In a space of 4,300 square metres, 160,000 doses of vaccine were administered to the local population over the course of six months.


diversità e inclusione

Diversity and inclusion

Technoprobe has always focused on building a strong culture of diversity and inclusion. We are also committed to promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our supply chain.

Responsible Business Alliance

Responsible Business Alliance

Technoprobe abides by the Responsible Business Alliance code of conduct.

Modello Organizzativo 231

Organisation Model 231

We have adopted the Organisation Model in accordance with Italian Law no. 231.

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