Senior Device Engineer

  • R&D and Engineering
  • Italy
  • Cernusco Lombardone


Technoprobe designs, manufactures and sells Probe Card, that are high-tech electro-mechanical interfaces. They are used to test silicon chips. They connect a Tester, with macroscopic dimensions, to a Device Under Test (DUT), usually integrated on silicon wafer, with microscopic characteristics. This happens by means of a space transformation performed using appropriate technologies built into the Probe-Card.

The Device Engineering team is a cross-functional group whose objective is to ensure the flow of non-mature products into production and their release. The Device Engineer therefore works closely with a large number of company functions, including Design, Manufacturing, Quality, R&D, Process Engineering and Field Application Engineering, supporting critical activities and ensuring a continuous and organic view of the product.



The activity will focus on supporting not yet industrialized products related to one or more Customers.

  • Supporting not yet industrialized products, ensuring their progress within the agreed timeframe from the design phase through to full release in production and verification of functionality on the field.
  • Interface with FAE and customer to manage and solve problems observed on the field, connecting the internal and external activities of the company
  • Collaborate with the Quality team to guarantee the quality requirements of the customer
  • Analyse and support the resolution of technical issues of products within the scope of responsibility
  • Conducting risk analyses of non-mature products
  • Activate, manage and complete the controlled insertion of new production processes on the products within the scope of responsibility
  • Manage project closures with the aim of making the most of Lessons Learned
  • Leading/participating in Task Forces dedicated to process/product issues affecting customers within the scope of responsibility
  • Collect feedback from production units and Product Engineering teams on product anomalies or requests for improvement and finalise them into structured actions with the support of the relevant technical departments


  • Qualifications: Technical Master’s Degree (Physics, Materials, Chemistry, Engineering).
  • Level, experience required: At least three years’ experience as a Process or Product Engineer in manufacturing companies, preferably in the field of electronics, micromechanics, mechanics, semiconductors.
  • Attitude: Ability to work in a team. Decision-making ability and proactivity. Good adaptability and flexibility. Creativity applied to the development of new technical solutions.
  • Ideal profile: The ideal candidate has a Master’s degree in Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or a degree in Physics. Good level of interdisciplinary understanding and ability to propose solutions based on data analysis. Communication skills and ability to present results. Excellent knowledge of the Italian language. Excellent knowledge of the English language.


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