Sales Project Manager

  • Sales and Field Application Engineering
  • Italy
  • Cernusco Lombardone


As a Sales Project Manager, your primary focus will be to manage both technical and commercial dialogues with your main customer(s). Your role is pivotal in keeping teams across companies aligned on the adoption of new technologies, the initiation of new projects, and the meticulous management of change processes.

  • Analyze new product requirements and emerging technologies in collaboration with the internal Research & Development team.
  • Internal kick-off meeting to discuss requirements and ensure ownership by the design team.
  • Coordinating the transfer of design specifications to production departments to start internal manufacturing processes.
  • Monitoring internal processes related to tooling, integration, certification, and the final delivery of products to customers.
  • Daily report to internal customers
  • Facilitate the transition of projects from the design phase to the manufacturing phase by creating or improving processes and tools.


  • 5-7 years of relevant experience in the same role
  • Strong technical background in Engineering or STEM-related field, supported by Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees.
  • Fluent in both Italian and English to communicate in written and spoken forms.
  • Ability to manage relationships and communications with English-speaking customers

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