Electronics in everything around us. To make a better life. For greater security.
Other Approach

Electronic semiconductor devices are today used in a wide range of fields, from industrial to medical electronics, from lighting to home automation. Millions of semiconductor devices produced every day have to be checked by EWS (Electronic Wafer Sort) with Technoprobe’s probe cards.


Electronics in the service of health.

Electronics entered forcefully in the world of health: from laboratory diagnostics to computerization of hospitals, from pacemaker to applications which control our health conditions. Semiconductor devices allow an ever greater specialization in order to improve everyone’s life, every day.

Automation and control.

The industrial market is wide and various: from fridges to lathes, from hydroelectric power station to sea, air and rail transport. Electronics keep growing by improving the automation and the control for more and more safe systems.



Connections and speed.

We all use the internet, that is a communication protocol, but it works thanks to a framework consisting of servers, storage systems, ultra-speed interconnection machines. In short, a network of equipment working in unison : the networking.

Everything under control.

The internet of things is a new frontier of electronics, where virtually whatever devices can be connected in the net: from watches to cameras, from home alarms to washing machine, from racing bikes to windsurf, to be always in control.