Agreements with Teradyne, Inc. for a combined transaction

Technoprobe S.p.A. and Teradyne, Inc. (NASDAQ:TER), a leading supplier of automated test solutions, announced on the 8th of November 2023 to have signed binding agreements for a combined transaction:

• the acquisition by Technoprobe S.p.A. of a business branch known as Device Interface Solutions (DIS) from Teradyne, Inc., to strengthen company’s competences in the PCBs and high-performance interfaces market consolidating the full vertical integration of its business model;

• the acquisition by Teradyne, Inc. through a fully owned subsidiary (Teradyne International Holdings B.V.), of a 10% stake in Technoprobe S.p.A. by subscription of newly issued shares of Technoprobe S.p.A. equal to a 8% stake (fully diluted) and acquisition of shares equal to 2% (fully diluted) from T-Plus S.p.A.;

a strategic partnership between Teradyne Inc. and Technoprobe S.p.A. to jointly unlock new advanced testing solutions for their customers, accelerate growth for both companies through roadmap sharing, joint development of technology, and co-marketing activities.

Device Interface Solutions (DIS) is focused on optimizing performance, quality, schedule and total cost for Device Interface Board (DIB) design and manufacturing.

Testing of a chip occurs both at wafer level and package level. These different phases require different types of device interface boards: a Probe Card (PC) with an integrated probe head and needles that contact the wafer before packaging, and the Final Test (FT) board that includes sockets specific to the packaged integrated circuits shape and size. DIS provides the expertise to design, manufacture, and assemble these types of boards, as well as Prober Interface Boards (PIBs).


Stefano Felici, CEO of Technoprobe S.p.A., said: “We are enthusiastic to have the opportunity to work more
closely with Teradyne, strengthening our long-lasting partnership. The acquisition of Device Interface Solutions
will allow us to enlarge our technology’s competences in the Device Interface Board market.

Greg Smith, CEO of Teradyne Inc., said: “We’re excited to work with Technoprobe as the unique advantages of their interface technology helps unlock the superior scalability of our testers to deliver greater benefit for our customers. Technoprobe has great products and has made important investments to align with the trends that are driving the market. Our equity investment and joint development projects reflect our confidence in Technoprobe to create value for our shareholders and customers through innovative interface solutions for the growing interface market.

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