Hiring Date - 7th October 2022


7th October 2022

Come to Technoprobe
Get to know the company
Do a job interview

You could end up with a job offer.

Hiring Date

If you have just graduated or are about to graduate in engineering, physics or materials science (both Bachelor and Master Degree) we are waiting for you in Technoprobe Friday, October 7th, in the headquarters of Cenusco Lombardone (LC).

You can enter and get to know a piece of Silicon Valley just outside Milan, talk to the people of Technoprobe, have an interview and… if we like each other you will end up with a job offer already in hand.

Hiring Date

We are looking for the next Innovation Makers, who will have the opportunity to work in the areas of R&D, Design, Process Engineering or Production Engineering.

Sign up, wait for email confirmation and all the practical details.

Let’s meet here.

How it works


1. Fill in the form and sign up


2. Wait for the confirmation email

with practical details


3. Come to Cernusco Lombardone

on October 7, 2022 at the assigned time


4. Get to know Technoprobe


5. Take a tour of the company


6. Have an interview

with company managers


7. Receive a job offer


8. Return home

and consider whether you would like to work with us