Letter to Stakeholders

In Technoprobe, our commitment to sustainability must be concrete and measurable.

We perceive this commitment as a journey of growth that will enable us to develop increasing awareness and responsibility across all ESG areas.

We began measuring and assessing our impact since 2019, and voluntarily publish our Sustainability Report annually since 2021.

Today, as a publicly traded company, with a strong sense of responsibility towards our customers, suppliers, collaborators, shareholders, institutions, and our reference communities, we consider our Non-Financial Statement a document of great strategic importance.

For the first year, our Statement pertains to the Technoprobe Group, reflecting not only our common business objectives but also our collective global actions, particularly in the realm of sustainability.
This confirms our ongoing journey towards a comprehensive, mature, and tangible ESG strategy.

Sustainability performance must therefore remain measurable and controllable, aimed at climate neutrality, managing positive social impact, and governance inspired by ethical criteria.

Cristiano Crippa
Roberto Crippa
Stefano Felici

Crippa e Felici
Sustainability Report 2022

2023 Consolidated Non-Financial Statement

The document analyzes and quantifies the extent of the impacts of Technoprobe’s activities and its sustainability performance in relation to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects during the year 2023.

(the Statement is in Italian – the English version of the report will be available online soon)