Technoprobe intends to promote a corporate culture characterized by virtuous behaviour and a Corporate Governance system that prevents commission of wrongful acts, while guaranteeing a work environment in which employees can serenely report any unlawful behaviour, enabling a virtuous path of transparency and compliance with adequate ethical standards.

For this reason, we have adopted a specific Policy and we have defined appropriate communication channels for receipt, analysis and processing of reports of possible misconduct and unlawful conduct within Technoprobe.



in order to guarantee the maximum confidentiality of the whistleblower, it is advisable to copy the url into your browser and not to use the Technoprobe network or the IT tools provided to employees

Through the whistleblowing reporting channel we guarantee the utmost confidentiality of the identity of the whistle-blower, the person involved, and the persons otherwise mentioned in the report, as well as of the content of the report and related documentation.

Technoprobe prohibits and condemns any act of retaliation or discrimination, direct or indirect, against anyone who reports potential unlawful conduct, for reasons directly or indirectly related to such report, providing for appropriate sanctions, within the disciplinary system, against those who violate the measures of whistle-blower’s protection. At the same time, Technoprobe commits to apply appropriate sanctions against those who, with willful misconduct or gross negligence, submit reports that turn out to be unfounded.

Whistleblowing Reporting Procedure