Design and Simulation capability

Probe cards have changed over the years their nature, they have become, in fact, complex electro-mechanic systems, which need checks and simulation during the design.
This is why, we have pooled a multi-function team which takes care of the total probe card design (PCB included and interconnections between Probe Head – where probes are located – and the PCB) and which analyses and simulates the probe cards performances in a systematic way, in order to improve the project in real-time referring to the simulation results.
Those simulations include both part of prediction of the mechanical behavior, by the use of FEA(Finite Elements Analysis), and part of prediction of electric behavior (Signal Integrity).

Example of 3D FEA to predict and simulate stress, strain and mechanical performances of the probe cards, validated through fast prototyping and characterization Read more

Pre and Post layout Analysis

Technoprobe offers expertise in simulation techniques to address complex probe card requirements involving high-speed signals and/or high performance Power Distribution Networks.

Pre Layout Analysis

» High Speed Signal Integrity
» Focus on pre-layout SI/PI analysis
» Full signal path modelled on 2D/3D basic structures
» Fast What-if Analysis
» Power Integrity pre-layout analysis
» Based on lumped RLC blocks derived from 3D EM field simulator

Post Analysis

» High Speed Signal Integrity
» 2.5D EM field simulation based on actual layout
» Power Integrity pre-layout analysis
» Power Distribution Network (PDN) Impedance
» IR DC analysis