MEMS Needles Manufacturing

Our work is, by definition, to create complex interfaces between the wafer with microchips to be tested and testers capable to send controls to chips and to detect their functioning.
Therefore, we have conceived a technology able to adapt to create an interface, or rather to offer the chance of customization and specialization on our customers’ products and needs.
Thanks to our manufacturing technologies (TPEG™ e ARIANNA™) we have proved in the field the advantages of our probes, they ensure higher performance than common technologies based on photolithography processes or traditional mechanics processes.
We are able today to produce a new contact probe in 3-4 week time starting from a CAD design.

New probe design request:
1 week
to complete feasibility analisys
Preparation of tooling and set-up:
1 week
Manufacturing and delivery of new probes:
1-2 week