Ceramic Plates are an integral part in the manufacture of probe card, because probes are inserted in ceramic guides that allow the correct position and working when contact the microchip on wafer.

Laser Technology

In order to realize guides of very high precision to be combined with our most advanced probes, we have developed over the years a laser department that has more than 30 systems and dedicated machines, for a total investment more than 30 M$.


Thanks to the knowledge achieved, we have further explored and developed system with Pico and femtosecond laser sources to ensure the highest precision of the manufacturing and the best quality of finished components.


Today we can use these systems to realize processes with additive and subtractive technique or to perform high-precision micro-machining that can be applied not only in the Probe card field but also in other fields, from the biomedical to the Automotive, where markets seems to be more open to innovations that we are able to bring.