• Manufacturing
  • Italy
  • Cernusco Lombardone


  • The PKE intervenes on in-line products in the event of anomalies that block progress, or improvement actions, interfaces with relevant technical managers (PKE, Device Engineering, Design, Process Eng, R&D, etc.)
  • Monitor product defects, analyse interactions between processes, identify causes and define plans for systematic reduction with PKEs
  • In the event of NCs, interface with the QE of the production unit to correctly identify ownership and initiate its treatment
  • Complete the industrialisation of products by coordinating with the Device Engineering Team and other relevant technical bodies regarding the evidence and needs identified.
  • Transmit to the PKE team any process anomalies and inefficiencies highlighted in order to identify their causes and initiate the necessary improvement actions.
  • Report any problems to the closure meetings in order to fully industrialise the product and validate the project.
  • Report the industrialisation status of the products and their main problems in meetings with Management


  • Constantly monitor departmental KPIs related to processes (SPC) and productivity against the defined targets and identify the necessary improvement actions.
  • Intervene on process excursions, initiate 6sigma work sites for reducing defects, increasing efficiency and reducing lead times.
  • Work on processes and organise production according to lean principles, identifying and eliminating waste and maximising the value stream
  • Collaborate with the product QE to analyse NCs by identifying the root causes (5why) and defining corrective and preventive actions starting from the causes that generate greater recurrence or greater severity
  • Receive the production processes released by R&D and support their implementation in line, bringing them to full industrialisation
  • Accept and release into production replicas of existing machines and equipment

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