• R&D and Engineering
  • Italy
  • Agrate Brianza


The MEMS Design Engineer will be involved in the development of new MEMS microsystem devices, through design and simulation. He will also participate in the elaboration and refinement of the manifacturing process flows of MEMS devices, in close collaboration with the MEMS Production / Process Team. The choice will be given to candidates with a strong multidisciplinary background.


  • Degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or equivalent, with at least 3 years of work experience in the MEMS sector
  • Knowledge of the various structures of MEMS devices and of the operating principles.
  • Experience with simulation and modeling of multiphysics finite element MEMS (eg COMSOL, ANSYS, Coventor…).
  • Experience in designing complex MEMS manufacturing process flows.
  • Strong fundamental background in physics (electrostatics, piezoelectricity, static and dynamic mechanics, thermodynamics, materials, chemistry).
  • Experience in MEMS device design.
  • Experience with Cadence CAD tools will be a plus

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