Linux System Engineer

  • IS/IT
  • Italy
  • Cernusco Lombardone


  • System Administration: The Linux System Engineer oversees the daily administration, monitoring, and maintenance of Linux servers. This encompasses tasks like installing, configuring, and updating operating systems, specifically emphasizing Red Hat and SUSE distributions. In addition, the engineer ensures a secure and well-controlled environment by managing user accounts, permissions, access controls, and application setups.
  • Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution: The Linux System Engineer is tasked with promptly diagnosing and resolving system and application-related issues. This includes implementing solutions for system failures, performance bottlenecks, and addressing security vulnerabilities.
  • Security Management: In the realm of security, the engineer is responsible for implementing and maintaining measures to safeguard Linux systems. This involves monitoring and analyzing security logs for suspicious activities and ensuring the timely application of security patches and updates.
  • Backup and Recovery: Ensuring data integrity and availability is a key aspect of the role. The engineer will conduct regular testing of backup procedures to validate their effectiveness in maintaining the integrity and availability of critical data.
  • Infrastructure Planning and Implementation: The Linux System Engineer actively participates in the planning, design, and implementation of new Linux-based infrastructure. This involves evaluating and recommending hardware and software solutions tailored to meet specific business needs.
  • Linux Cluster and Schedulers: The engineer plays a pivotal role in the setup and management of Linux clusters and schedulers. This involves designing and implementing cluster solutions to enhance system reliability, scalability, and resource utilization. Additionally, the engineer collaborates with cross-functional teams to integrate and configure schedulers, ensuring efficient workload distribution across the infrastructure.
  • Web Server and Docker: The Linux System Engineer is responsible for the configuration and optimization of web servers, leveraging technologies like Docker for efficient application deployment. This includes managing Docker containers to enhance resource utilization and ensure streamlined application isolation within the Linux environment.


  • (5 +) years of expertise in Linux System Administration
  • Experience in managing and administering Linux Red Hat or SUSE
  • Solid knowledge of Shell scripting
  • Proficiency in configuring and managing directives for Apache and NGINX servers.
  • Understanding of Docker systems and management
  • Additional Linux certifications (RHCT, RHCE and LPIC) will be considered an advantage
  • Effective team player with good collaboration and communication skills

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