You find us everywhere...

Everywhere…is where we are, wherever there is a chip, from your mobile to your car, from the tablet you always use to the credit card you used to buy last present, it is probable that Technoprobe took part to the testing of that chip and so the realization of it.

Technoprobe is actually a leader company for the microelectronics industry, specialized in design and manufacturing of Probe Card. Probe cards are complex systems at high technology necessary to test chips of the greater semiconductor producers in the world. Therefore, we are an essential cog in this wonderful industrial field that keeps changing and improving the everyday life of everyone.


It was 1993 when Technoprobe was born in the garage of a small house nearby Milan, in Italy.
At the time the mission looked like unbearable and the Probe Cards market was something not well-defined yet , no money to invest but a lot of ideas and such a willingness to invent and to realize things.

Over the years, highly motivated and keen people joined the team and have contributed to the business growth so far as to become a multinational company.

Today, there are more than 700 of us with sites in Europe, America, and Asia
We raised but we haven’t lost the enthusiasm and hunger to create more and more innovative solutions for our customers. In fact, we believe in it:

We believe that the desire to invent and the courage to dare are the main features of our field. Our people do have these characteristics, they know how to listen to the customers with the ambition to provide them with the better solution ever, they are keen to have new ideas and are able to translate them in prototypes and eventually to transform prototypes into winning products.

Owing to that, in 2017 we were the third manufacturer of Probe Cards ever, our turnover achieved and passed the threshold of 180 M$

This economic results allow us to keep looking at the future and its challenges with This economic results allow us to keep looking at the future and its challenges with growing ambition and willingness, prompt to invest and innovate in order to support our customers during their growth.

Foundation of Technoprobe

Probe card at high complexity (in 1995): 24 needles with a minimum pitch (distance between the needles tips) of 400 µm.

First Vertical PH delivered

First Vertical Probe Head (PH) ever sold by Technoprobe: COBRA needle technology, 960 needles, minimun pitch 240 µm.

Technoprobe France is established

Technoprobe Singapore manufacturing plant is established

First VERTICAL MEMS technology Probe Head ever sold to the market

During SWTW in San Diego (CA), Technoprobe presents a revolutionary manufacturing approach for PH construction, based on MEMS needles assembled in a vertical configuration. This new approach will lead over time to a proprietary solution, called TPEG™ MEMS that will become the new standard for probing wafers at ultra-small pitch. “Most Innovative Technology” prize awarded to Technoprobe at SWTW 2007. From the left in the picture: Jerry Broz, Roberto Crippa, Raffaele Vallauri, Stefano Felici, Stefano Lazzari e Bill Mann.

Technoprobe America is established

Partnership MS SUN – Technoprobe

Technoprobe and MS SUN sign an hystorical contract of partnership to promote and distribute Tecnhoprobe’s products in the fastest growing market for semindonductors and to provide Taiwanese customers with local assistance and service.

Technoprobe Philippines plant established

In the picture, Technoprobe Philippines staff (15 people) in 2010 with Cristiano Crippa holding the first probe card ever produced there. At the end of 2015, Technoprobe Philippines staff was composed by more than 90 people

Technoprobe Italy plant starts to be enlarged

New fab building was completed in 2013 adding more than 4.000 sqm to production plant and office areas.

Technoprobe Korea is established

Technoprobe Korea is a joint venture between Technoprobe and Kodi-s. It will be dedicated to design and manufacture Cantilever and Vertical probe cards to serve korean customers. The pictures shows the signature ceremony when the Joint Venture contract was signed by Cristiano Crippa and PCJ Park (Technoprobe Korea CEO).

New Fab starts to be built in Italy

The new fab will be located aside the current one and will add 7.000 sqm to production plant and office areas. On top of that, a class 100 clean room will be installed in the new fab, whose completion is forecasted for Q4 2016. Summing up the enlargment of the orignal fab and the brand new fab, we have invested 30+ M$ to provide our customers with enough capacity and the possibility to improve our products relentlessy.


Technoprobe celebrates its 20th anniversary. From the left in the picture: Roberto Crippa, Giuseppe Crippa (Founder and President), Stefano Felici, Cristiano Crippa.

Grand Opening

Our Grand Opening was an incredible success!  We’d like to thank everyone for taking part in this historic event for Technoprobe.  We can’t express how much it meant to celebrate with you all.

Many thanks to all our customers that attended and our partners that presented at the User Group Conference.  We hope you found it to be informative and were able to take advantage of the networking opportunities through out the entire event.  We sincerely appreciate your attendance and participation!

Technoprobe repair centre in Taiwan is established.