With Our Innovation
we support your future.

As semiconductor technologies evolve, so the need for advanced probing solutions. This was our inspiration to create a different design philosophy which now allows us to innovate with flexibility and speed than ever before.

Research and Expertise

We continuously improve and develop high product complexity, ensuring supplies even in low volumes.

New product development

Our R&D allows us to develop new products in line with customer and market requirements

Built in house solutions

Develop in house technology to manufacture critical components of Probe Cards, reducing cycle time and improving performance.

Availability to prototyping

Work every day with customers and partners to improve our technology

Technology and Reliability

Addressing all critical components of the probe card intervening with our technologies in a short time ensuring a better performance.

Solution of critical components

In house development and manufacture  of critical components such as contact probes, ceramics drilling, mechanical parts.

Totally Technoprobe production

Design, characterize and manufacture of contact probes with  TPEG™ technology for MEMS Probe Card.

Product cycle optimization

Technology customization to support customer  application needs.

High reliability, high performance

Supporting our customers in all phases of the Probe Card life: from research, development, manufacturing to installation in the field.

Solutions and Availability

We develop custom technologies and roadmap through close collaboration with customers.

We learn as we do

Our ability to produce key components in house allows us to learn as we do, which greatly reduce the cycle time of a new product development.

Optimize the "cycle time"

We provide assistance in the field and we indicate to the customer new ideas

Yesterday four months now 3/4 weeks

Today, the realization and characterization of a new contact probe takes 3-4 weeks at Technoprobe, compared with 4-5 months of the past.

Tailor-made technologies

We develop tailor-made technologies for customers according to their demands,