Customer satisfaction and product quality are at the heart of Technoprobe’s values and its business strategy

  • Technoprobe commitment to meet a high quality level of product development
  • Technoprobe follows customer needs and strives to predict their expectations, sharing them in advance enabling common decisions regarding the quality of the product
  • All Technoprobe sites shares the same international quality standards

Technoprobe quality has an all-encompassing meaning: customer satisfaction

  • Everyone in the company has a customer to satisfy
  • Every business process must be finalized to the end

Quality is not a structure but a culture: quality is made by those who work

  • Each function is responsible for the quality of its work, everyone must have in mind the receiver of their output
  • Identify root causes of defects and implement corrective actions
  • Quality cannot be compromised; the exemption process must be under control


Technoprobe considers its people the key to success.

  • Technoprobe supervises training and staff participation, by promoting anyone who makes an active contribution at whatever level is placed
  • Company guideline: “development of the ability of doing and the pursuit of perfection”

Technoprobe requires to all managers a proactive behavior

  • Manage, control and improve their own process;
  • Identify problems and anomalies, as well as seek their cause and to propose corrective actions
  • Involve and encourage the participation of all employees

Technoprobe respects the dignity, privacy and personal rights of each individual, fighting all forms of discrimination on the basis of origin, nationality, religion, race, gender, age and sexual orientation

  • An adequate behavior is requested from all employees
  • Each worker can find in the HR function an appropriate reference with which to compare their needs
  • Technoprobe promotes the free association and the free exchange of ideas and opinions about the workplace
  • The personal data of each worker is regarded as strictly confidential

Health and physical and psychological safety are considered fundamental and are object of attention and continuous improvement


  • Technoprobe pursues the compliance of its activities with all laws and regulations on which it never compromises.

All employees are required to strictly avoid any conflict between their own interests and those of the company, always favoring the latter

Technoprobe requires its employees to behave honestly; no gift should be accepted or offered in connection with the business

All company information that is not in the public domain is considered confidential; all employees are required to pledge to confidentiality

  • Similarly Technoprobe considers the information of third parties, of whatever nature they are, of which it becomes aware in the course of business, as confidential

Technoprobe conducts its business based on fair competition


Technoprobe manages its organization and monitors its processes to consistently identify inefficiencies and plan improvements

  • Special attention is devoted to the analysis of NC (Non Conformity), especially when it comes from claims of the customers.

Technoprobe believes that business responsibility also means respect, protection and improvement of the environment in which it operates

  • The manufacturing processes and facilities are constantly revised to identify all possible improvements that would reduce environmental impact

Technoprobe recognizes the importance of its role in the community and hence is committed to development of charitable projects

The same vision and responsibility of quality, ethics, people, environment and community, formally expressed in the Code of Business Conduct, is required to all business partners, starting from suppliers

  • All employees are required to explicitly agree to internal regulations, that summarizes the main points of the Code

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