Product quality and customer satisfaction are cornerstones of Technoprobe’s values and of its business strategies. We are committed to sustaining a high level of product innovation. We will listen to our customers and strive to anticipate and fulfill their needs and expectations. When making decisions related to product quality, our first consideration will be the protection of our customers through open, timely and factual disclosure to appropriate parties.
Technoprobe consider a cornerstone of its product design the full guaranty of the safety of the end users.

Quality maintains the same meaning among all the in-house relationships: each one in the company has a customer to satisfy; each one must have in mind who is the recipient of its output; each process must be geared to this end.
Each one must measure his work: we talk about facts and data (with statistical approach); we always need to identify the root causes of the defects. We do not make compromises about quality: the exemption process must be under control.
Each process owner must have its quality management system: each process needs to be described by identifying its purpose, its flow and all the recipients; by measuring it through dedicated key performance indicators; by standardizing it releasing suitable documentation and tracking tools; the involved staff must be properly trained. Finally each process needs to be continuously improved.


Technoprobe considers its people the key to success.
Technoprobe takes care of trainings and staff participation, enhancing anyone to make an active contribution at whatever level is placed; the Company indicates “the development of the capacity of doing and the pursuit of perfection” as its high road.
Technoprobe requires to all responsible a proactive behavior to manage, control and improve their own process; requires to identify problems and anomalies, by seeking root causes and by proposing corrective actions; requires to involve and encourage the participation of all employees.


Technoprobe and its employees are bound by the law. Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations must never be compromised. Additionally, employees shall adhere to internal rules and regulations as they apply in a given situation. These internal rules are specific to the Company and may go beyond what is required by the law.

A conflict of interest will exist when an employee’s private interest or benefit may possibly influence his or her judgment or action. All managers and employees at all levels must devote undivided loyalty to the interests of Technoprobe and avoid any conflict between their personal interests and the interests of the Company. When potential conflicts of interest cannot be avoided, the situation must be reported to the appropriate management level, which will ensure that all decisions potentially affected by the conflict are made in the best interests of the Company.

All employees are expected to behave honestly and ethically when dealing with customers, suppliers, employees and officials of governments and administrations. We will not receive or give money or material services, favours or gifts from or to anybody in consideration for business with the Company. Gifts of nominal value, entertainment or social invitations are permitted when in keeping with good business ethics and duly authorized by, or reported to, the appropriate management level. No cash must ever be accepted or offered. All Technoprobe organizations are expected to communicate our policy against corruption and bribery to their business partners.

Confidential information consists of any information that is not or not yet public information. It includes proprietary rights, trade secrets, business, marketing and service plans, consumer insights, engineering and manufacturing ideas, product recipes, designs, databases, records, salary information and any non-published financial or other data. Unless required by law or authorized by their management, employees shall not disclose confidential information or allow such disclosure. This obligation continues beyond the termination of employment. Furthermore, employees must use best efforts to avoid unintentional disclosure by applying special care when storing or transmitting confidential information.
Technoprobe expects that third parties have a similar interest in protecting their confidential information.
In case that third parties, such as customers, joint venture partners, suppliers, will share with Technoprobe confidential information, such information shall be treated with the same care as the confidential information of Technoprobe.
In that same spirit, employees shall protect confidential information that they have obtained in the course of their prior employment.

Technoprobe conducts its business on global markets in accordance with the highest ethical principles complying with local competition legislation. Above all, this entails compliance with anti-trust prohibitions such as forbidding price-fixing and refraining from any other kind of collusion which could negatively impact competition.
Acting on the premise that the interests of business partners are best protected through fair competition, Technoprobe does not seek any unfair advantage over customers, suppliers or competitors.


Technoprobe continually reviews the organization and regularly monitoring the processes to identify inefficiencies and plan improvements; pays particular attention in the management of anomalies, non-compliance, complaints, comments from anyone, especially from the Customers.
The reference international quality standard is chosen by the corporate organization; all the Technoprobe facilities are committed to guaranty the identical quality level of the products both in terms of design and manufacturing.

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