VERTICAL PROBE CARDS – where reliability marries innovation

Technoprobe’s Vertical Probe Cards base their long-lasting success on the concept to assemble needles on vertical drilled plates.
All parts composing our probe cards are manufactured in house through micro-mechanical and coating processes.
This has always been our secret, to take the opportunity given by manufacturing to improve, innovate and make more robust our technologies.


FT TECHNOLOGY – minimum pitch capability at its best

Flexibility and minimum pitch capability at forefront of the market. FT technology in its most advanced configuration has already proven to probe applications requesting down to 40 µm in a full array configuration.
Applications spanning from extremely reduced pads to small bumps or pillars and used to define the next generations standards for semiconductor industry.


ROUTE60™ – the beauty of being the first

The evolution over time of this technology represents our approach in the best way possible. We were the first in the world to invent a vertical technology  using rectangular needles assembled in vertical plates.
And then we evolved this technology to bring the same advantages of reliability and superior electrical performance also to applications requesting probing over active areas. It was not enough, we also customized it to serve high volume production environments searching for enhanced lifetime. And since then we have been continuing to improve further its performances.